The Ads24 Sunday reader community has same monthly spending power, as the GDP of the Cayman Islands - R46bn

12 Sep 2016

The Cayman Islands has a GDP of R46bn, which is exactly how much Ads24’s Sunday newspaper readers spend in a month. If you consider that 67% of all South Africans who read a Sunday newspaper are reading an Ads24 title this puts things into perspective. The vast majority, 71%, of Ads24’s readers are proudly South African.

Reach beyond numbers

Ads24’s Total Cumulative Impact of their Sunday Reader Community, across all platforms, is seven million. That is a lot of eyeballs, and valuable eyeballs with time on their hands, considering that on average readers spend two hours with their Sunday newspaper. The Effective Reach Opportunity (Reach @1+) is 5.7 million and Duplicated Reach (Reach @3+) is 2.4 million.

Tech savvy Sunday readers

Sunday readers, it turns out, are hip and happening music lovers, over 1.7 million of them download or stream audio from a mobile phone. The Digital Engagement of Ads24’s Sunday Reader Community via a mobile device sits at 80% and via a laptop or desktop at 20%.

Ads24’s Sunday consumers

The good news for advertisers is that 52% of Ads24’s Sunday readers believe that adverts contain useful and important information. Because Sunday is leisure time for most, people are more willing to try news things on a Sunday, for example 58% of readers like to try out new recipes. That is not to say that these foodies are not also fast food lovers, over 1.8 million Sunday readers buy fast food. Perhaps after church, 52% of these readers enjoy attending religious services.

Seven reasons to advertise in newspapers

According to Print Power, “Newspapers are still the number one medium for shaping public opinion. Their credibility, knowledge, values and information-gathering skills remain a formidable force, and with titles now separated into sections with more lifestyle content, their potential for brands has increased further – online and offline. Add Print, Add Power, has never been so apt. But the success of newspapers largely boils down to a single truth: they are effective in shaping opinion. They possess a large amount of power when it comes to public perception. Used well, that power can completely transform your brand.”

The article lists seven reasons for brand owners to invest their adspend budget in newspapers:

1. Reach and reliability – newspapers still reach huge parts of the population and even though print circulation may have dropped, it is still an important medium when reaching certain consumer segments. Advertisers are provided with a reliable channel, newspapers are seen as credible gatekeepers and readers trust the content and the advertisements.

2. People read newspapers – Readers have deep relationships with newspapers and some readers spend more time with their newspaper than they do with their partner. Many people still find newspapers to be the most reliable source of news, information, credible opinion and insight.

3. Connecting and sharing – Half the people who read an advertisement in a newspaper will visit the advertiser’s website, this is three times the number of non readers: readers are highly connected. Newspapers readers are also more likely to talk about brands than non-readers and thus advertising campaigns in newspapers stimulate sharing.

4. Universal – Newspaper brands are multi-platform, both print and online, print versions still have universal appeal with a huge variety of quality content that has been screened by reliable gatekeepers.

5. Versatility – Final copy for an advert can be delivered at short notice and if needs be creative can be delivered the night before and reach a wide audience the next morning. Newspapers are highly portable and can be read pretty much anywhere.

6. Integration – Print and digital platforms are now integrated through the use of bridging technologies such as QR codes, augmented reality (AR), near field communication (NFC) and even printed electronics. Newspaper advertising offers this flawless integration of offline advertising and online presence.

7. Effectiveness – Newspapers give any brand an immediate response as nearly all the reach is delivered on the day that the newspaper appears. “An analysis of 500 European cases showed the effectiveness of newspaper advertising for the FMCG category. FMCG campaigns including newspapers resulted in twice the campaign return on investment (ROI) compared to those without newspapers. When used in combination with online advertising the ROI increased by 50% compared to the solo use of online.”



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About Ads24

Ads24 reaches six in ten South Africans, including print and digital readers. Ads24 touches the lives of over a half of all South Africans adults. While it is important to identify the size and segment the audience, looking at how Ads24 engages with its readers, is equally as important.

Ads24 is part of the Media24 Group representing 97 newspaper titles. From Dailies to Sunday papers to locals, Ads24 reaches almost every target segment in South Africa, no small achievement in such a diverse country. The most exciting element is how these titles become part of the community that Ads24 serves.

A news reader is an engaged reader. Ads24 news brands play an important and unique role in the daily lives of their readers. Ads24 sees beyond the numbers, beyond the market segments, to connect with the people on a personal level. Ads24 has the stats, the numbers, but also the insights.


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