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Adspace24’s content team worked with MTN to co-create an integrated, multi-platform series that showcased the variety of businesses that could benefit from their new product - a flexible business package for small and micro businesses in townships. It delivered value to readers, the businesses and MTN, while meeting all the campaign objectives.

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Nedbank’s “Behind the Business Headlines” campaign aimed to show the broader impact behind topical news stories and the effect they could have on business. Through clever ad targeting, Nedbank advertisements were built around editorial business content on News24 and Fin24, where readers were taken through to a content hub of 10 written stories and 5 podcasts – explaining the trends behind the news. We identified key areas of expertise and brought the campaign to life by partnering with 24.com in order to give readers insights into those related industries, trends and topics.

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KwaZulu-Natal is beautiful and lush, and what better way to showcase that than with beautiful, curated video content? The KZN Has It All campaign was a partnership with Tourism KZN about driving tourism and local visitors to explore KZN’s 8 beautiful regions. Our 8 content pieces attracted more than 160 000 unique readers to our unique content hub, and had an average time on page of more than 4 minutes. More than 1500 people entered our ‘clues’ competition to win a holiday in beautiful KZN. Each week, users could guess the location of a pixelated image, which would be revealed in full a week later.

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Pharmacists are the most accessed healthcare professionals in our country, and this season, we wanted to show our gratitude. In the third season of our successful Sponsors of Brave partnership with Adcock Ingram OTC – The Gratitude Season – we celebrated 8 of our brave pharmacists with showers of gratitude from their communities. More than 1300 nominations were received, of which 8 were chosen. Bringing together their employees, community and charity organisations, our 8 pharmacists were surprised with a gratitude shower at their pharmacies, to say thank you for serving SA – all captured on beautiful and touching video. The campaign received a monumental 1 million page views, and more than 8000 total votes for our 8 nominees to donate to charity.

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Together with our clients we create bespoke content marketing solutions.

A recent example is the Clientele Small-Business-Step-Up series, which Adspace Studio co-created with the client. Clientele Legal, a support partner to business in South Africa, wanted to celebrate small businesses doing good while doing business and showcase their offering to this target market. The collaboration resulted in a campaign that exceeded their objective of conveying their purpose through authentic storytelling and met their country-wide reach expectations.

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This case study showcases the financial literacy partnership between Absa and City Press that is currently in its fourth year. The Money Makeover campaign makes use of our print and online news platforms as well as social media audiences, virtual eventing and video to deliver financial literacy in an authentic way, creating reader engagement and changing people’s lives through real stories.

The Absa/City Press Money Makeover team selects six City Press readers, pairs them with a dedicated Absa financial adviser and then puts them through a six-month financial bootcamp overseen and documented by personal finance expert and journalist Maya Fisher-French. The competition, which has an alumni of 30 candidates so far, empowers individuals to take control of their financial future. It is a collaborative partnership that guides participants and readers pay off debt, realise their financial goals and save for their dreams.

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Lil-lets Talk Campaign

The Lil-lets talk campaign leveraged our print, online and social media platforms to tell their brand story in an authentic way. It created engagement, ignited conversations and educated a broad range of readers while driving their brand purpose home.

The aim was to encourage conversations about menstruation beyond their regular target market, to remove stigma and build open communication on their newly launched Lil-lets Talk platform. This partnership delivered and this case study shows how the Lil-lets Talk platform was able to use our cross-platform, multi-brand reach and collaborate with our content experts to reach their campaign objectives.

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The People’s Paper, Daily Sun, uses powerful and unique storytelling to bring news, stories and content close to the heart of our communities. Driven to build on this community connection, Daily Sun has embraced the potential of digital, print and television like never before.

In the true spirit of ubuntu and in partnership Mzanzi Wethu, Daily Sun has created an exciting programme called Sun’Ceda. The voice to those in need of help, Sun’Ceda aims to bring more SunPower to SunReaders through use of multi platforms.

This creation of new content platforms allows for an evolution of Daily Sun’s message and the creation of new and exciting partnership opportunities.

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To celebrate 25 years of South African democracy, Anglo American partnered with City Press, an agenda setting South African News brand, tocreate a multi-platform, innovative, content-driven campaign with diverse audience reach across multiple Media24 brands.

Anglo American has deep roots within the South African context and economy and wanted to highlight its commitment to future investment. It was a collaboration designed to show how Anglo American is paving the way for an optimistic future by investing in the next generation of South Africans. City Press developed seven editorial pillars that culminated in an inspirational series of features across the company’s value chain and concluded with future-facing interviews with the company’s leadership.