Adspace24: Leadership appointments

24 Mar 2022

The amalgamation of Ads24 and The SpaceStation, forges a focused, collaborative team, creating bespoke solutions across Media24’s news platforms.

This gives our clients access to the audiences of more than 60 trusted news brands, that leverage digital media, print, television, content marketing and insights to drive a brand’s message home.

Adspace24 is excited to announce select appointments of their senior leaders.

Says Tasmia Ismail, GM of Adspace24: “Together with the alignment of our commercial teams and emphasising the focus on our clients, I am pleased to announce our leadership team. They are supported by our very efficient internal business management, media intelligence, advertising operations and marketing teams to ensure that we deliver the highest level of collaboration with our clients. Our sales directors, sales leads, and our new business lead come with valuable experience and knowledge of the media landscape and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. I strongly believe that we are optimally positioned to take our clients’ marketing goals to the next level.”

The team will focus their skills and experience on ensuring a customer-centric, integrated media solutions, packaged to meet client specific objectives.

Gayle Edmunds: Head of Content

A multiple-award-winning editor, Gayle is part of the team that co-creates bespoke, multi-format content solutions for clients.

“Our team are consummate storytellers and this is the skill set clients can leverage through us. Increasingly, the success of content lies in its ability to compete for consumers’ attention and retain it. I will continue to put my 23 years in the newsroom to good use helping clients tell relevant stories to our diverse readership across brands.”

Jerusha Raath: Head of Adspace Studio

Jerusha is a multiple-award winning digital publishing expert and one of 28 women selected for the Poynter Institute’s 2018 Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media.

“Our talented team of writers, editors, designers, videographers and podcasters have been named best-in-class on an international stage, and we’re always ready to offer these skills to brands looking to leverage journalistic excellence with commercial clout. Clients can rely on the cutting-edge content solutions they’ve come to expect from the former BrandStudio24 team – but now, with the added power of a fully integrated, multiplatform media solution spanning digital, print and TV.”

Craig Nicholson: Sales Director Regional Portfolio

Nicholson has more than 25 years’ experience in the media industry and is former Sales Director for The SpaceStation. This merger better enables the team to meet customers’ requirements.

“Our priority is to retain and enhance the strong relationships we have with customers across the business by making sure there is limited disruption and maximum strategic value.“

Samantha Africa: Sales Director Retail Portfolio

Samantha is a digital expert with experience across the media landscape. She joined Media24 in 2014 and has been committed to the transition of the sales team into cross-platform, multi-format experts.

“The experience we have gained in dealing with our clients’ advertising campaigns has been built up over many years. With the merger of the two Media24 commercial arms, we are now in a position to offer clients seamless access to a range of trusted and effective media platforms.”

Lee Ann Biljohn: New Business Lead

Lee Ann is a seasoned digital business development manager. Her foundation in customer service ensures that clients’ campaigns deliver excellent results. She is excited to grow new business across various sectors with Adspace24’s integrated, multi-platform solutions.
“Our diverse offering as a media owner place us in a prime position to partner with businesses for growth. More than ever before we need to place trust at the forefront of all we do, and we are excited to walk this journey with our partners.”
This streamlined leadership team is committed to ensuring easy access to their diverse skill sets and will work closely with clients to design individually tailored solutions that meet expectations.