Ads24 hosts it popular Food for Thought event in Cape Town

08 Oct 2018

Following the success of the Food for Thought event held at Hyde Park in Johannesburg earlier this year, Ads24 is taking its mouthwatering lineup of speakers to Media24’s Nasdak headquarters in Heerengracht Street, Cape Town on Wednesday for a feast of fresh ideas, intriguing thinkers and stimulating discussion.

The VIP lineup of media professionals on the guest list can expect thought provoking insights on the political and socio-economic climate, put forward for the next stage in our country’s evolution as we hit the road to 2019.


For Ads24 the aim of the event is to challenge innovative thought among media professionals and to continue to inspire excellence in the industry, as it weathers tough economic times and adapts to new ways of presenting the news.

“So much has changed in the short time since we held Food for Thought in Johannesburg in May this year, so we are really looking forward to seeing how the future scenarios put forward by economist and political analyst Dawie Roodt and acclaimed management strategist and scenario planner Clem Sunter will differ,” says Marise van der Lith, Brand Manager for Ads24. “It will also be interesting to see what debates transpire between the audience and speakers.”

A taste of what to expect:

Nick Binedell, strategist and professor at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, acts as Dialog Director, masterfully teasing out new ideas and stimulating grey matter as he plays devil’s advocate and inspires debate between the speakers and the audience.

Dawie Roodt

Economist Dawie Roodt will take audience members through a condensed history of world economics starting at the Cradle of Humankind and skimming major economic and political events from World War II to the acceptance of the gold standard, and later its rejection, weaving in politics and the major shift in thinking to bring us to world economics as they stand now – on the cusp of block-chain economies and cryptocurrency.

Clem Sunter

In his presentation, Clem Sunter will forward his hypothesis on what it takes to be a successful scenario planner. Sunter recommends ‘flag watching’, that is keeping an eye on the drivers that are changing the future and planning accordingly.

Why Food for Thought?

The idea behind Food For Thought is to host a carefully crafted event, where every detail from the food to the décor and discussions add an interesting dimension aimed at getting guests to challenge pre-conceived notions and ultimately come up with the kind of thinking that will add excellence to the industry.

“We purposefully decided not to have a typical event where we would hash out more of the same industry topics,” explains Van der Lith. “Instead we decided to create something different that would add value on a personal and professional level.” As such, the event incorporates interactive sensory experiences and a great opportunity for like-minded individuals to network.

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