News24's demographic research, conducted in December 2023 with over 4,900 participants, offers a pivotal look into the audience's profile, content preferences, and media consumption habits. This study encapsulates feedback from a diverse group, providing a critical examination of our audience's lifestyle choices, shopping habits, and leisure activities. The insights gained are instrumental for strategic targeting and understanding News24's reader behaviour. Engage with the full report to leverage these insights for your campaign objectives.

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News24 Audience Personas

Drawing on our demographic research, we have meticulously crafted a suite of five reader "personas" that reflect the diverse nature of News24’s audience. Delve into the rich demographic tapestry that makes up our diverse audience, from the young, tech-savvy reader to the affluent, well-educated professionals and gain invaluable insights into each unique segment, uncovering their distinct characteristics, preferences, and behaviours.

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