Active acquisition and the status conscious Ads24 Mass Market reader

23 Jun 2016

Despite the economic challenges, the mass market remains highly aspirational. There is a great drive to keep improving living standards. The mobility and potential that exists in this market is rapid and vast. Ads24 Mass Market Titles include Daily Sun, Soccer Laduma, Son and Illanga. Readers look to these newspapers and their digital properties for news, information, inspiration and advice. The Ads24 Mass Market Bundle has an unduplicated reach of 9.5 million.

The Mass Market fall into LSM 4-8 and this segment is made up of individuals who have some, but not all retail items. In other words this market is in a state of active acquisition. These readers seek to improve their lives through material success. Shopping is a leisure activity and they are status conscious in terms of brands and purchase decisions. 81% say that their life would be better if they owned certain things that they don’t have and 76% enjoy shopping.

Not only do they enjoy shopping, but it gives them meaning in life, 71% of Ads24 Mass Market title readers say that shopping makes them feel worthwhile. 73% say that shopping is a pleasure. This is intricately linked to a sense of status, 73% say they gain confidence from their material possessions and 67% admire people who have expensive homes, cars and clothes. 78% say that the things that a person owns says a lot about how well they are doing in life. It would mean a great deal to 82% of these readers if they could improve their social standing.

Being ‘with it’ and buying the ‘right’ brands is important. 67% keep up with the latest trends, fashions and styles and 65% say that wearing designer labels improves their image. 74% say that is it worth paying more for well-known brands. This upwardly mobile market has a strong desire to get ahead and is made up of avid consumers.

Ads24’s Mass Market titles have won the trust of this market through their brands and offer advertisers a way to reach these communities. 68% of Ads24 Mass Market readers agree that they often notice the advertisements in newspapers and magazines. 57% really enjoy reading their newspapers, find them entertaining and get their news from newspapers. 56% set time aside each day to read their newspapers and the same number say that it is important to get the depth of news coverage that newspapers provide. 54% read the newspapers most days, would not change the newspaper that they read and rely on them to keep informed. 53% pay more attention to advertising in newspapers than in any other media and 51% feel lost and out of touch without their newspaper.

An article on Bizcommunity entitled ‘Connecting with the mass market and creating a shared purpose’ issued by Joe Public, says, “This technological pace, also a product of cheaper manufacturing options, has led to the majority of the mass market moving to smartphones and tablets. Which of course begs the question: How do brands digitally target these new markets? The answer is far simpler than you think. It’s about talking and listening to the consumer in a social media space.”

Ads24 Mass Market titles already have significant digital reach (over 2 million) in this market. The article goes on to say that it is no-longer enough to simply add the odd ‘eKasi’ terminology into advertising and how it is vital to actually understand these people before you try to speak their language.

It states, “How do you create content that has a shared purpose? You start by generating content that changes the consumer’s lifestyle. Consumers today want something to belong to, they want to influence and engage with whatever they come in contact with … Brands need to look for the opportunity to move from the outer peripheral of society and debunk the idea that there is an ‘us and them’. “

Ads24 Mass Market titles already understand this market, speak the language and engage with these consumers through print, digital and social media. Brands still need to be innovative in their creative execution, but Ads24’s platforms go a long way in having cemented a relationship with their readers and of course having significant reach in the Mass Market.

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