Wat meme jy? Ads24's Afrikaans roadshow rolls into Cape Town and Durban

02 May 2018

While the Johannesburg leg of ‘Wat Meme Jy?’ draws to a close, Cape Town and Durban media agencies still have still have fun and games to look forward to as Ads24’s roadshow arrives this week to showcase the value and reach of its Afrikaans titles.

The scene is set on arrival when guests are invited to dress up in colourful wigs, oversized sunglasses and feather boas for some photo-booth fun. Followed by ‘Wat Meme Jy?’ an audience-interactive gameshow presided over by comedy giants, Goliath and Goliath (aka Jason and Nicholas). An image is shown on a screen and audience members are invited to hold up a meme from a pack of A4 cards that best lends itself to the photo. The result is a battle of hilarity until the final winners are chosen over a series of two rounds.

“As comedians, we love Afrikaans,” quips the Goliath duo. “It’s like English but with Aromat. You say one thing, but it can mean SO many things. It’s such a descriptive language …”

Kay Karriem, editor of Kuier, one of South Africa’s largest women’s magazines is in full agreement. “The biggest thing to take into account when considering the Afrikaans audience is that they love their mother tongue, it’s their heart language. It’s an expressive language that really conveys the emotion behind what people feel ,” she says. “So it’s only natural that they would want to read in their own language, it’s what they have grown up with and understand best. Reading in your own language allows you to be part of the conversation.

“In the 70s Afrikaans journalism was about following strict, formal rules of ‘high Afrikaans’, but just like South African society the language is opening up. Now it’s about recognising different forms of the language and recognising other speakers of the language. That’s how you keep a language alive, by recognising all the influences from Khoikhoi to Islamic to Dutch.”

Ads24’s stable offer every Afrikaans speaker a taste of what they love from news to entertainment with a range of titles that spans Die Son, Rapport, Kuier, Beeld, Die Burger, Volksblad, Netwerk24 and NetNuus.

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