Seven questions advertisers need to answer to create meaningful content

15 May 2020

By Gayle Edmunds -Strategic Projects Editor at Ads24

If you want to change the world you have to deliver the facts in a way that strikes an emotional chord. Storytellers and journalists have always known that, and now that content marketing is the new buzzword, marketers have to take cognisance of this.

Ideally a customer should be able to read their own story and fulfil their own needs through your content – which delivers the brand the outcome it desires.

Here are seven questions you need to answer to create meaningful content:

So what?
Why should someone read/watch/listen to the content you have put together? Does it resonate with them emotionally? Does it help them make better decisions about aspects of their lives?

Does the content put the customer first?
Have you done an interview with your CEO because your CEO wants you too, or because she is an expert on the subject matter and is a compelling part of the story? Ask first ‘what does my customer need to know too take action’, then tailor your message accordingly.

Are you keeping it simple?
Bite-sized, easy to understand – and digest – pieces of content are best. Most stories benefit from the ABC of journalism – accuracy, brevity and clarity.

Are you having impact and influence?
You either want people to feel your content in their heart, or be touched on their studio, or be moved to buy and try your product. You want quality interactions with the audience you are trying to reach.

What role do you want your brand to play in people’s lives?
Sure, the primary reason for marketing is selling a product. However, customers increasingly care who makes their products and how those products are contributing to making the world a better place, not a more dystopian one.

Are you part of the solution to a customer’s problem?
In all times, and particularly in times of crisis, are you able to hold out your hand to help? This can be in the form of advice, information as well as simply restoring a sense of well-being or normalcy in your customers.

Who benefits?
Like a good whodunnit, question the intent of your content – does the customer benefit and does it move your brand’s narrative forward? Mutually beneficial content is king.

Gayle Edmunds is the Strategic Projects Editor at Ads24.