A total Cumulative Impact of 8.7 million for Sunday readers

14 Nov 2016

Sundays are for many still synonymous with the Sunday paper, a time to relax, absorb and engage with the news. The power of the Sunday news is demonstrated by Ads24’s Sunday Community which includes City Press, Rapport, Netwerk24, Sunday Sun and Son op Sondag and has a combined Cumulative Impact of 8.7 million across all these news platforms. This impact score or GRP can be immediately compared with television (TVRs). The Effective Reach opportunity of the Ads24 Sunday Community (reach at 1+) is 4.9 million and Duplicated Reach (reach at 3+) is 2.1 million.

South Africans spend just under an hour reading news on the weekend, this is more than the USA. Nearly all of Ads24’s readers have basic education (94%) and 34% a have a matric. Just over half (55%) go to church and 43% of Ads24’s readers have a nap on Sunday, definitely not while reading and hopefully also not while at church.

Sunday is a social day and 39% of Ads24’s readers visit friends and family on Sundays (sometimes uninvited). There is nothing like a good Sunday lunch or braai and 82% of Ads24’s Sunday Community eats chicken for Sunday lunch – 100% of chickens hate Sunday. People, on the other hand love Sundays, and there is nothing better than relaxing with the Sunday paper or consuming your dose of Sunday news on your mobile, if that’s what rocks your boat.

What is cumulative impact and why is Ads24 using this media currency

Reach, frequency and time-spent are terms that are frequently bandied about at media agencies. Working out engagement efficiency formulas allows strategists and planners to compare ratings and impact scores across different media types. They can review ratings or Gross Rating Points (GRPs) on a combined media reach curve to determine the most effective media strategy for each client that will result in the greatest return on investment (ROI).

Media strategy is what determines which media platforms, or combination thereof, are recommended to clients as part of an overarching investment solution. The All Media Product Survey (AMPS) made comparing audiences across media platforms easier and the new Establishment Survey (ES) will facilitate this comparing apples with pears as if they were all oranges, but what happens in the interim?

For their part, Ads24 have consulted with media strategists and to present their own ‘oranges’ to media agencies, something they call numbers by accountability. They are now presenting their stats and numbers in a user friendly way and decided to formulate a methodology to calculate their impact scores or GRPs, which can be immediately compared with television (TVRs).

Working out the best ROI for your clients

Customised, granular presentations for media agencies are now offered by Ads24, to determine the best mix of their print and digital properties for each client solution. These will look at all the relevant ‘numbers’ with analysis of what will result in the best ROI and what is likely to lead to conversion.

The presentations will recommend which one or combination of Ads24’s bundle offerings is most suited, considering the client’s place in the market. This analysis will determine whether the client is aiming to entrench loyalty, launch a new product or enter a new market. A step-change requires repeated exposure and a different strategy to brand reinforcement. These presentations can include cost per point (CPP) comparisons.


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Sources: AMPS 2015AB/EM August 2016/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram



About Ads24

Ads24 reaches six in ten South Africans, including print and digital readers. Ads24 touches the lives of over a half of all South Africans adults. While it is important to identify the size and segment the audience, looking at how Ads24 engages with its readers, is equally as important.


Ads24 is part of the Media24 Group representing 97 newspaper titles. From Dailies to Sunday papers to locals, Ads24 reaches almost every target segment in South Africa, no small achievement in such a diverse country. The most exciting element is how these titles become part of the community that Ads24 serves.

A news reader is an engaged reader. Ads24 news brands play an important and unique role in the daily lives of their readers. Ads24 sees beyond the numbers, beyond the market segments, to connect with the people on a personal level. Ads24 has the stats, the numbers, but also the insights.